Wheeled Backpacks for Kids

Whether kids are lugging heavy books and stationery home at the end of a tiring school day, or you’re using them as luggage for traveling, wheeled backpacks save your kids from experiencing back ache or physical discomfort.
So how do you pick backpacks that are spacious, sturdy, long-lasting and easy to use for your children?

Fret not, as we have the right answers for you for when you go wheeled back pack shopping.

Read on.

1. Size of the backpack versus size of your child.

Wheeled backpacks are much more heavier than regular ones. So before purchasing one, know that there will be at least a 2-3 pound difference in a wheeled backpack, and that weight coupled with the books or luggage, could be too much for your child to pull easily.

There are many different sizes available in the market. Choose wisely.

2. Check the telescopic handle.

Don’t buy a backpack with a wobbly telescopic handle. Pull it out completely to check it properly before whipping out your credit card.

3. Wheel it across the store.

Let eat your kid do the wheeling with joy, and you can watch the smoothness of the wheels, and check if they stick or the backpack falls over.

4. Buy a darker shade.

Kids get messy easily so get a wheeled backpack in a darker shade to avoid dirt and grime stains.